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Best or Right Time to do PPC?

When To Do PPC?

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is one of the best tool for online business advertisement. PPC helps  us to improve our business with return investments and immediate money flow or profit out of it.When it comes to online business,it acts as an best  promotional tool as now a day’s mostly  people depending upon internet in their daily life.Today’s best PPC plateforms are Google Adwords,Yahoo/Bing Advertising,Facebook Advertising,LinkedIn advertising. Below are some facts when PPC would prove highly beneficial for an online business.

1.When immediate ROI  is Wanted.

If you want immediate ROI(Return on Investment) from your online business then PPC would  be your first choice. You can count the minutes before a rush of visitors come interacting to your pages. This is because the moment your PPC campaign is approved (provided that your bids are high enough to merit priority placement), your approved ads will immediately be displayed  to millions of people to see. Hence, PPC works amazingly well with product launches, CPA(cost-per-acquisition) marketing and affiliate marketing involving high converting offers, seasonal promotions, event-focused marketing.

2.When You Want highly targeted traffic

PPC marketing will allow you to narrow down your prospects based on their demographic data. Many PPC platforms, like social media sites, allow you to promote to the age range, gender, income bracket, education level, and even marital status of the people who will be able to view your ad. Popular social media sites like Facebook also allow you to target people based on their hobbies. These make PPC a powerful way of reaching the narrow band of people your business needs, and leading them to your web pages.

3.When promoting a time-sensitive offer

Althrough Marketing products, services or events with an expiry date is always a race against time. Often, the long gestation period of SEO campaigns would produce belated results. For these time-sensitive offers, the expedience of PPC marketing would be perfect. Promoting an offer that will end in 2 days? No problem. PPC can deliver the traffic you need in a matter of minutes.

4.When your website isn’t designed for SEO(Search Engine Optimization)

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) requires content-rich websites that are regularly updated. Some websites are not designed for SEO. Paid advertisement is suitable for them to pull traffic to their websites.

5.If you want to search results for your keyword category

PPC (Pay per Click) results are displayed above the organic search results. This prominent position means that in many cases, as much as 50% of the search traffic goes to the top 3 sponsored links. By being absent from PPC you’re conceding loss of all those clicks to your competitors. If you’re serious about maximizing your click-share of available searches for keywords relevant to your business, you absolutely must engage in PPC.

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