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PPC Best Practices for Beginners: Comprehensive Guide To Buying Traffic

The internet has been a proven success to many businesses across the globe, spreading knowledge in every sphere of the supply chain.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a global strategy that has taken the world of marketing and innovative advertising by storm.

It has proven to be a great business strategy for corporates in every single industry.

So, there is a question arise that, is the usage of PPC only beneficial for big marketers or can those same practices be utilized by beginners as well?

The answer to this is; Correct!

There are a so many ways pay per click can be beneficial for beginners too.

Since they are establishing their foothold in the market and the online space, they need to be more experience in their techniques.

Here we are presenting to you a comprehensive guide to PPC best practices for beginners that will not only help you boost your business but also provide an excellent learning platform.

1. Optimise Your Website:

The first step in carrying out a successful PPC Campaign is to have a very effective and SEO friendly  website.

You have to ensure that the website states all the work that you are doing and outlines with good keywords and descriptions, the projects that you are involved in.

An efficient and interactive website is the key to growing a fruitful  business.

2. Set up a Google Adwords Account/Bing/Yahoo:

The next thing you have to setup a  Google Adwords account.

It is very simple to do so if you already have an email ID and a website to go along with it.

If  you do not have a website, it is alright; you can have another feature Express through which your first ad live in no less than 10 to 15 minutes using Adwords Express.

There are few of details you need to fill up before you get started.

3.Selecting a list of Keywords:

The selection of keywords will be entirely focus on the kind of business you have.

The most effective pay per click marketing firm will design keywords based on the products or services that you offer. Google recommends utilizing 15 to 20 keywords per ad group.

Doing a proper keyword selection is a key part of any successful PPC campaign.

It is not a  predefined set, but it proves to be a best way to begin your campaign and then filter as you move forward. However, it is a possibility that the suggestions provided by Google also do not really yield any results.

Ask any PPC expert, and they will advise you to use only one or two keywords per ad group. As a beginner, it will help you get the desired result.

While selecting the keyword list, it is also important to make sure that you have a list of negative keywords listed and published so that you do not have unnecessary traffic diverted to your website.

If your website deals with ppc  marketing then while creating your PPC campaign you can use keywords such as:

ppc marketing, pay per click marketing, ppc help, ppc experts, ppc campaign, ppc marketing company etc.

4.Few Facts About Keyword Selection:

Donot use very small and generic terms. First start with small keywords and then move onto longer and bigger keywords.

Although specific keywords will yield you more results you may want to try a long tail search keyword rather than a longer-tailed one.

For Example: Longer-tailed keyword “Companies that can improve my CTR Performance.”

Long tail Keyword- Improve CTR Performance

5.Setting a budget:

Now you need to decide the budget for your ad campaigns online.

There is a fine line between spending and over-spending. Many organizations spend as low at $ 500 per month to as much as $1,00,000 per month.

Instead of having large budget initially use small budget for testing, you have to be dedicated to making PPC work for you and your organization.

Only if you focus on making PPC an important part of all your marketing campaigns, will it succeed in yielding you the results you want?

Do not decide in the first month whether your campaign is working or not.

Tweak your campaign keywords but let it continue for at least three months before you reach a conclusion.

This is important like at the start of the new business that will take time to get stable as same as in ppc marketing your campaign needs at least 6 months to get matured.

Testing different ads is the key to finding the perfect one that will give you the biggest ROI.

6.Ad Writing:

Ads is the most important part of the campaign which attracts the customer towards your product through the ad copy on search engine.

By choosing the right keywords, you will attract the right  audience who will give you a better ROI (Return on Investment) than an audience who has nothing to do with your website and is not interested in your products or services.

Creating an effective brand and an even better product is the highlight for any great website.

If you wish your audience to complement your business, make your keywords and website more attractive.

We have to be very clear with your audience tracking, targeting, and performance.

A good pay per click marketing agency will make sure that you get the best results for your campaigns without paying anything extra.

Correct ad settings, delivery methods, scheduling and keyword rotation, will yield you the desired results.

Get your Google Adwords account up and running to get a head start with your business and driving web traffic to your website.

2016 will see a rise in the partially customized ads on a large scale.

Become the best in the industry by keeping in purview these basic points for PPC methods that will help you grow as a beginner.


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